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Anori Tiger Puffer

Anori tiger puffer, natural puffer fish weighing over 700g, are caught along a coastal area going from Mie Prefecture's Shima peninsula to Ise Bay and Enshunada. Anori tiger puffer fish are spawned in spring at Anorimisaki Cape in Ise Bay which, with its abundance of plankton and small fish to feed on, is the perfect nurturing environment. In autumn, the fish go out into the open sea with the rapid tide and become firmer. The fishermen's catching and distribution methods ensure that the fugu are handled with extreme care. The fugu are highly rated in the marketplace as products of good quality. Being a species of fish that fluctuates greatly in number, the fishermen of Anori area, Ago-cho, Shima City began resource-management fishery initiatives early on, in 1984. They conducted initiatives not only in this area but also in cooperation with puffer fish fishermen in Aichi and Shizuoka Prefectures to establish a resource management system by which: 1. small fish are protected (i.e., those under 700g are released) 2. the fishing season is limited (from October 1st to the last day of the following February) 3. there are restrictions on type of fishing tackle 4. operations are coordinated with those in Aichi Prefecture 5. fry stocking is carried out. In August 2003, fishermen, the fishery cooperatives and the tourism association came together to establish the Japanese Puffer Fish Council. The group established an "anori fugu" definition and a trademark, and created an Anori tiger puffer authorized sellers system limited to within Shima City. By confining distribution to this area, it was able to create a system to provide consumers with authentic Anori tiger puffer. This has contributed greatly to the revitalization of the regional economy by raising the price of the fish and attracting tourists.

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