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Three kinds of abalone are caught in Mie Prefecture: kuro-awabi, megai-awabi and madaka-awabi. In Mie Prefecture, mainly in the Toba and Shima areas, a ria (indented) coastline developed and became a wide rocky shore good for fishing. Here, women divers harvest abalone, prohibited only during the spawning season, between September 15th and December 31st. Within the prefecture, many fishery cooperatives have even stricter limitations regarding the harvesting period and the daily harvesting hours, and in order to maintain the resource, actively conduct initiatives including seed release, fishing ground creation and removal of harmful organisms such as starfish.

Certified Producers

Toba Isobe Fisheries Cooperative Association

4-2360-16 Toba, Toba City

Mie Gaiwan Fisheries Cooperative Association

3 Nayaura Minamiise-cho, Watarai-gun

Kowaura Fisheries Cooperative Association

1 Kowaura, Minamiise-cho, Watarai-gun

Owase Fisheries Cooperative Association

3-6 Minato-machi, Owase City