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Japanese Spiny Lobster

Japanese spiny lobster is largely found on the Pacific coast, south of Chiba Prefecture. In Mie Prefecture, fishing is centered on the Shima Peninsula. The lobster can be caught throughout the year, however in Mie Prefecture lobster fishing is prohibited from May 1st to September 30th (until September 15th in the waters north of the Toba City outlying islands) during the spawning season. This rule is stricter than in any other prefecture. Also, each fishery cooperative in the prefecture protects resources by releasing any immature lobsters found among the Japanese spiny lobster, and other measures. Thanks to this, there have only been small changes over time in the amount of Japanese spiny lobster caught in Mie Prefecture, and stable fishing continues.

Certified Producers

Toba Isobe Fisheries Cooperative Association

4-2360-16 Toba, Toba City

Mie Gaiwan Fisheries Cooperative Association

3 Nayaura, Minamiise-cho, Watarai-gun

Kowaura Fisheries Cooperative Association

1 Kowaura, Minamiise-cho, Watarai-gun

Owase Fisheries Cooperative Association

3-6 Minato-machi, Owase City

Kinan Fisheries Cooperative Association

239-13 Kiho-cho, Minamimuro-gun