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Kumano Chicken

Competition among chicken production regions has intensified with the increase in the amount of imported chicken and lower prices, and the diversification and differentiation of consumer demand. In this context, the Mie Prefecture Livestock Research Institute created the slogan "Producing Japan's most delicious, high-grade chicken". The institute opened in 1988, and in 1999 production and sales of this high-grade chicken began. The chicken produced is a hybrid of Mie Prefecture-produced "Yakido" game fowl, the prefecture's famous "Ise Akadori" and the Nagoya Cochin. At present, the chickens are raised only in Kumano City. The meat is very red, very supple, and infused with the richness and flavor ideally expected of chicken. It is highly regarded by top chefs in a range of cuisines, including Italian, French and Japanese.

Certified Producers

Kumano Furusato Shinkou Kousya

78 Itaya, Kiwa-cho, Kumano City