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Certification System Aim

We aim to help revitalize the regional economy by granting Mie Brand certification to outstanding products and producers chosen from those that utilize the special characteristics of Mie Prefecture's abundant nature and traditions, and by disseminating such information. This will raise the profile of Mie Prefecture and promote tourism and local products, and boost the ambitions of producers in the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries.

Certification Committee

The Mie Brand Certification Committee is a Governor-affiliated institution, established by ordinance, and comprises experts from Mie and other prefectures who have a deep understanding of a range of fields including marketing, branding, distribution, hospitality and information dissemination.

The Five Criteria for Certification

1. Concept
a) Consistent with the Mie Brand concept, Arts of Nature.
b) Has initiatives and stories associated with Mie Prefecture.
2. Originality/Individuality
a) Has a clear vision of brand creation, and shows superiority and originality when compared to other similar products or localities.
b) Has well-thought out and characteristic methods of communication with consumers.
3. Trustworthiness
a) Has initiatives related to quality maintenance and improvement at each stage, from production, manufacturing, distribution and sales, and is adequate technically.
b) Has initiatives in place to educate employees on compliance, sanitation and skill improvement, and to gain the trust of consumers.
4. Marketability
a) Has product sales results.
b) Has an established sales system.

5. Future possibilities
Has a continuing commitment to branding, with further initiatives and plans.