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Ise Tea

In terms of growing area and dried tea leaf production levels, Ise tea is third in the country behind that of Shizuoka Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture. Various kinds of tea are produced, including fukamushi-cha (deep-steamed tea), sencha green tea and kabuse-cha (covered tea). The Mie Prefecture Tea Industry Council (made up of groups involved in tea production, commerce and industry and the tea market) started the "Environmentally-friendly, safe and secure Ise tea making movement" in 2000, in order to ensure Ise tea was a reliable brand. This included compliance with safety standards in the use of agricultural chemicals, inspections for residual chemicals and promotion of instruction in sanitation management at tea manufacturing locations, and from 2003, promotion of production history record keeping. It also established Ise tea guidelines, (decided upon by the Tea Industry Council on August 22nd, 2002) and works to brand Ise teas.

Certified Producers

Kawahara Seicha Co., Ltd

1786 Niu, Oaza,Taki-cho, Taki-gun

Nakajima Seicha Co., Ltd

2-1-11 Oiwake, Yokkaichi City

Shinryoku Sabo, Ltd.

4209-2 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka City

Suizawa Tea Agricultural Cooperative Association

2441-3 Suizawa-cho, Yokkaichi City